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Read interviews with E404 designers and artist, short stories and poems. 

Meet Zane From Ours

Earlier this week we sat down with Zane from Ours, Naarms newest furniture shop,  home to local and independent furniture designers. 

Adriana and kids.jpg

Meet Adriana from Poms

Over the past 10 years, Poms has established a strong following for their always fabulous sunglasses. As of late Adriana, the founder and head designer of Poms has gone back to their humble beginnings, and has added a unique range of hand-knitted garments and dynamic jewellery. Read Adriana's interview with E404.


Meet Willem from Willem Worldwide

Meet the designer who truly believed they would grow up to be a fairy princess! Currently back in New Zealand and residing in their hometown of Ōtautahi, Willem tells us all about pulling looks from their dress-up box as a kid and pairing them with their mother’s heels; Not to mention how dance served to be transformative part of their life.

kurt bio pic.jpeg

Meet Kurt from Garage Bands

Meet Kurt the brains behind Naarm-based jewellery label Garage Bands. From the small town of Fish Creek, Kurt discovered jewellery making through a degree in interior design. If Garage Bands was a smell it'd be the body odour of someone you're attracted to ;)


Meet Neo from Die Horny 

Read about Neo's upbringing in Aotearoa  and sunny QLD, inspirations from underground European music like- Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft and dream collaborations with Dutch Designer Iris Van Herpen. 


Meet Harry from Loki Patera

Loki Patera was birthed in 2018 when the creative wills of Hugo Vos and Harry Pickering collided. Get to know Harry, as he tells us about living near the jungle and his dream collaboration to live in a community on the land with all his best friends.

odessa portrait_edited.jpg

Meet Odessa from Fiend Bookstore

Reading is what? Fundamental! As well as, self-educational and self-explorative. Meet Odessa, the brains behind Fiend Bookstore. She tells us how reading forces you into another person's shoes, and allows you to see yourself. Not to mention, reading brings us closer to others.


Meet James from Jimmy D

This is James Dobson, pronouns: he/him, star sign: Taurus sun, Aquarius Moon, and Libra rising. If James could collaborate with anyone, it'd be with Nan Goldin, doing some kind of Ballad of Sexual Dependency slide show but re-imagined on fabric! Click here to read all about the creator behind Jimmy D.

Soup at CIFF Copenhagen 2020 (1)_edited.jpg

Meet the Trio from Soup

Meet Jasmine Febbraro, Katy Mason, and Sophie Ruane, a Taurus, Pisces and Cancer respectively. The trio make up Soup, a label all about embracing second hand, dead-stock, donations, sourcing from second hand stores, or literally finding things on the street to repurpose. 


Meet Niamh from Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp

Have you met Niamh? 

Get to know the Bondi babe behind RTTS who thinks the idea of a beach body is "bullshit". Discover Niamh's patchwork g-strings, her parents political views, and the best advice ever: “Everyone is sexy, the secret is that you have to believe it”.


Meet Nastja from ZARIĆ Jewellery

We talk to Nastja about finding inspiration during the pandemic, her parents as artists, starfish, and passionfruit flowers! Find out how Nastja found her creative voice and what her favourite movie is...

pei yi bio pic.jpeg

Meet Liz from Pei Yi

As Liz would say, "Go for it! Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice or to collaborate..." Liz gives us their best advice for future jewellery makers, as well as what life is like growing up in Hong Kong, and what inspires her jewellery label, Pei Yi. 

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