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Our Store

Error404 celebrates authenticity and free-spirited creativity. The store is a platform for expression. We love listening, reading, visualising, and dressing. Through these avenues, we value our artists’ vision and want to share them with a broader audience through a physical and online space.

The artists engaged in Error404store work with a variety of responsable, locally sourced and ethically produced products. We strive to work with like-minded creatives in developing visions for a greener, more community-based future.We care about the community and the well-being of the designers/artists we represent.


Error404 has been an evolution, and we have created a
platform with reach and power. But now, more action and conscious thought are crucial. Through the new appointment of roles to Rahma and Anjelica, we are all committed to progressing from what Error was, to level up and do more.

Error404store respectfully acknowledges the Traditional
Custodians of the land, the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung peoples of the Kulin Nation and pays respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty was never ceded. This always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

Who we are

me and pegs.jpg

KACY HEYWOOD (she/they) 

is our in-house multi-faceted fashion designer, owner and creative director. Kacy began as a shoemaker and, in 2014, created and developed her own low volume but highly configured fashion label Ka-He. Through their brand, she started ventures in project management, art direction, production and communication.

In 2019, Ka-He found a new home in Berlin, where she found a new line of work in production and design for companies such as Adidas and Nike. Kacy also works in furniture design, upholstery and is soon establishing a sustainable and local shoe production business. Using Error404 as a platform and joining forces with like-minded creatives, Kacy hopes to strengthen the fashion and arts community within Australia and New Zealand.


is our assistant creative director and store co-manager. Rahma has worked and contributed to the fashion industry for over ten years in various retail management and design roles.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Fashion Textiles and Merchandising) from RMIT in 2014, she has
endeavoured to live and create textiles with artisans in her
native country Ethiopia.

With her self-titled label, she has featured in various local
and international publications such as Buzzfeed, The Fader,
Harpers Bazaar UK, British GQ, and Broadsheet. Rahma has
showcased her work in VAMFF independent runways (2018
and 2019) and the Design Inspire showcase for Melbourne in
Hong Kong design week 2018. Rahma has also spoken at Top
Design about her fashion practice at Melbourne Museum.

Consistently dipping her toe in retail, fashion and business,
Rahma also models. Her current focus is working alongside
Anjelica and Kacy at a Error404 store.

Rahma shop.jpg
Jelly bean.jpg


is our assistant creative director and retail store co-manager. Anjelica is a writer, photographer, actor, and stylist. They have featured in i-D, VICE, Oyster Magazine, Novembre Global, This is Badland, Fräulein, POCC Magazine, Next Wave Festival, Sticks and Stones Agency, as well as a City of Melbourne grant recipient for their shopfronts COVID-19 window display. 

Anjelica is a theatre kid at heart and is a part of Eye to Eye productions; She has also performed in numerous critically acclaimed Melbourne theatre productions and short films. At Error 404, Anjelica hopes to create a fun place to play dress-up and express yourself.

Moving forward

Error404store aspires to host more dynamic and considered events. We hope to include: workshops, artist Q&As, launches, DJ nights, poetry readings, short film screenings, and more. 

As a space we aim to amalgamate creative communities across Australia and abroad and to raise awareness for the future of a healthier, more collaborative, forward-thinking planet. 

Our goals


Analyse and reflect on current and past stockists, art 
exhibitions and events

Integrate a new and dynamic range of stockists, artists, events and creative voices into Error404

Self-education: starting with the We Al-li / Centre for Cultural Competence Australia’s “Aboriginal and Torres Strait 

Islander Cultural Competence Course” 

Shift and redistribute internal power formations through the creation of new roles and changing team workloads 

Broadening channels for communication and feedback 

Increased effort to source and facilitate the empowerment of queer and PoC representation and contribution at Error404


Open and ongoing effort to collaborate with local creative businesses to elevate PoC and queer/LGBQTIA+ voices.


Open discussion and awareness-raising via Error’s online platform. Such as the website’s read, listen, visualise, and dress components.

Real-life facilitation of meaningful conversation in-store and at Error404 events

Clear communication channels, and improved transparency within the Error404 business

Ongoing commitment to transformative action and the safety of those employed and represented by Error404store

Thank you for all your support to date.

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